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Criminal Shadows Detective's Master Edition

Criminal Shadows Detective's Master Edition
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You will discover 5 exciting modules to entertain and educate.

You will also receive a DVD containing all the modules, a master fingerprint kit containing fingerprint powder, fingerprint brush, lifting tapes, magnifying glasses, fingerprint taking forms and information on how to identify one individual from everyone else on the planet.

In order that you can enjoy this experience to the full, we would like to give you (with our compliments)a full CSI kit to keep which comprises of a one piece body suit, mask and gloves, CSI tape to cordon off the crime scene and a fingerprint mystery kit for showing off your newly found skills during a dinner party etc.


The difference between this and the fingerprint kit is you get to read and practice a full case study on one of the most infamous psychopaths in the UK- called Peter Manuel "Mad or Bad"


Please specifiy when purchasing what size white suit you would like (S,M,L,XL,XXL)




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