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Do you always solve the crime before the T.V. detective? The advisor to BBC Silent Witness, Steve Gaskin, a psychologist and former Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector presents this unique opportunity for you to delve into the murky world of crime & CSI from your own home!

Criminal Shadows contains:-

  • Fingerprint Masterclass With fingerprint taking equipment, you can dust for hidden fingerprints just like an expert!

  • How to Analyse A Blackmail Note - with handwriting evidence

  • Psychology of Aggression and Violence- Why are people violent? Are you prepared to kill? How bad are the crime figures?

  • The Killing-  Your Own murder investigation; Blood spatter patterns,ballistics and fingerprint examinations.

  • Crime Scene Investigation Skills- Look at the reality of crime scene investigation, learn some skills and see how it is done in real life


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